I'd like to know the specifics of the affiliate pay out process?

The information I've read says....

"Pay your affiliates online (Paypal, Stripe)"

But I need to understand if this is...

(a) A manual process, where I would manually have to make the affiliate payment via my payment providers, or..

(b) An automated process, where the affiliate payout is an automatic process.

I'm hoping it's option (b), as I need a scalable solution.

If it is option (a), is there any possibility of getting some custom work completed, to make it an automated process?
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    Sunday, March 25 2018, 11:35 AM - #Permalink

    a) it's a manual process. we have a payment manager where you can see how much you owe the user, etc, but you actually need to click on the Pay button" to trigger the action and get to the PayPal website or Stripe.

    for getting custom work to do this, I have to look into it. I'm not entirely sure PayPal allows for automatic payments to happen this way (without you introducing the password etc), but we can look into it.
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