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When i click "Conversions" from the menu, does the resulting list show "All" conversions to date, or only "Unpaid" conversions? The reason I ask is I have no clue right now to know which affiliate conversions Ive created a payment for and which i have not. How do i pull up a list, and please provide step-by-step instructions, of all "Unpaid" conversions so I can get my affiliates paid without paying them twice for the same conversion!

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Saturday, February 04 2017, 11:47 AM - #Permalink

on the front-end, "conversions" tab will show all APPROVED conversions.

"paid" is a term that acutally does NOT relate directly to conversions, but to payments.

payments are not linked to conversions. there's no equivalency 1conversion - 1 payment.
you can just create payment that can be meant to cover multiple conversions at once. A payment is just a number.

What the system does for you is, in the ACCOUNTS tab (backend), it shows you how much have you paid a particular user, and how much did he earn in conversions. it also gives you a quick button to create a payment for the "remaining amount left to pay" to that user, in case you want to use it.
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