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Just a couple of minor questions.

I noticed that you have set up a unified sign up or register form for Affiliate Tracker. I use Community Builder on my site, and want to filter all users, including potential affiliates, through the CB registration form. Is this a problem? ie, can I just get affiliates to sign up after they have joined as members. I would want potential affiliates to be logged in and then go to form that just allows them to apply, no mention of joining the site etc, which would look amateurish.

Second question just involves upgrades: is it possible to upgrade from a lower version of Affiliate Tracker to a higher one?


Accepted Answer

Tuesday, November 15 2016, 10:52 AM - #Permalink
yes, of course, they can sign up as affiliates AFTER they have joined as members. actually that's the default way it works.
the unified form is just an optional "extra feature" that you can decide to enable or disable.

yes, it's possible to upgrade.
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