Hey i just purchased the extended version for affiliate tracker and im trying to figure it out....

1. so im getting this error and not sure if theres an issue..any idea?
Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/xxxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/plugins/k2store/affiliatetracker/affiliatetracker.php on line 20

2...so i read the instructions and it says i can set a default commission value for all users...but the instructions did not mention where...but i found it in an individual account page...and i set 3 levels....then i registered another user and there was not a 3 tier affiliate set....can you tell me how to set this as a global value for all members or do i have to set this manually for each and every affiliate i register as an affiliate?

3. i cannot figure out how to link directly to a k2 product with the image and affiliate link included...sending via email

i posted this

and got the following html code which only linked to either the referrer and the k2 stores url..


((((((is it possible for you to advise how my html code should look if i wanted the affiliate code to link back to my referrer/specific product/.and display the image on the marketing materials page...))))

the url to the product page is this


the products image url is this


thanks for any help...id really like to understand this..
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    Monday, July 16 2018, 12:31 PM - #Permalink

    1. well, this is just a "strict standards" notice. I have just uploaded version 2.0.1 of the plugin, if you install it this error will be gone.

    2. you can set multi-level default commissions, yes, but you must set them directly on the PLUGIN parameters (because you can set different levels per component, if you wish to do that). The last paramter on each plugin is called "Default commission levels", there you can set the commission levels, separated by commas. for example:


    3. you can simply add the "?atid=2" at the end of your URL, or "&atid=2" if the URL already contains parameters in it.
    for example:


    this will work
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    Sunday, July 29 2018, 02:27 AM - #Permalink
    Hey germinal....thanks again..so the strict standards is gone after updating plugin..thanks for that..

    Some general questions because im a bit confused how use this..

    <a href= "{https://xxxxxxxxx.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=9:ttthhhfff&atid=2}"><img src="https://xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/images/26790_S.png"/></a>

    and i sent it to an email account not registered on my site....clicked it and the customer landed on the correct page and even added it to the cart....but for some reason theres no reference to the visit listed under my traffic log (for the users frontend traffic logs tab) there is also no log recoreded in my components backend log area..

    all of my plugins are enabled...its usually a misunderstanding on my part but...my questions are

    1...a traffic log is recoreded when the affiliates link is simply clicked and visited correct? any idea why mines did not register?

    2..a conversions is the actual sale or or registration correct?

    3. does the marketing material link i showed above (which is to a specific product) give commission just for that product of for all k2 products purchased within the cookie period by the person who clicked his affiliate link?

    4..Marketing material....so i used
    <a href= "{affiliate link}"><img src="https://xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/images/26790_S.png"/></a>

    emailed it to an unregistered email address and the customer landed on my home page and there was no log recorded in the affiliates log area or the components back end.....any idea why the customers visit was not logged and assigned to the referrer?

    5..Marketing material....is there a way to get the referred visitor to land on the page thats being marketed....for example how would i include the
    {affiliate link}.
    ..to the link below if thats possible....
    <a href= "{https://xxxxxxxxx.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=9:ttthhhfff}"><img src="https://xxxxxxxxxxxx.com/images/26790_S.png"/></a>

    im pretty sure i couldnt add &atid=2 because that would only assign referred customers to the actual affiliate that owns atid=2...
    so how can i add a marketing material item that will (a) assign the credit to the referrer (b) land on the intended page and (c) show the image......is there a way to do this?

    6..any way to isolate the affiliate to a specific product?

    sorry for the double post..i forgot i was pasting code...thanks
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    Tuesday, July 31 2018, 01:09 PM - #Permalink

    1. yes. as long as it's the FIRST visit from that user (if there was a previous visit, it's not recorded again). you can send the email to me if you want and I'll check if the link is ok.

    2. yes

    3. for all products.

    4. my guess is you're not constructing the links correctly.. I mean, are you actually writing {affiliate link} on the marketing material? because that wont' work...

    5. you would do it like this:

    href= "https://xxxxxxxxx.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=9:ttthhhfff&atid={atid}"

    6. no, not directly. this will require some custom coding.
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