Need A Refund Please...

Your TOS has no Refund Policy - Please also add a refund policy to your website documentation - nothing listed in your terms of service.

These are my conclusions:

The demo on the site - is deceptive and does not show truly how little this tool does.
Affiliate tracking only - no tools, banners, emails - reports - for affiliates? Really.

After install - and some beta testing - this component crashed my membership component - meaning that all transactions stopped - The cause - AFF TRK PLUG conflict - even though documentation says it is compatible with Membership Pro - it is not...

I "uninstalled" the component.. - all the plugins remain behind? Really? So I have to manually search for all the places this component is in my site and remove - the built in Joomla installer does not do this?

Please process the refund for me

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    Tuesday, October 21 2014, 09:24 PM - #Permalink

    sorry for the plugins, yes you have to uninstall them manually.

    I don't know what could be causing the issue with Membership Pro, you're the first user to report this. I would have been glad to take a look at it..

    anyway, we have already refunded your purchase

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