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I just want to check that a sequence I have devised which might allow me to use your referral word tracking will actually work.

I intend setting up the referral word landing pages for each affiliate as CB logins. I want new site members to register first ( I don't like some of the registration issues between CB and Membership Pro,) and then upgrade/join a membership scheme which gives them additional privileges once registration is complete.

The dedicated affiliate CB login page will have a coupon visible only to logged in site members, so the new user will have to navigate to this page to get the discount in Membership Pro. CB login works so that the user is returned to the same page they were on before login, unless you set it up otherwise, so logging in causes the coupon (in a Custom module) to appear. I have tested this setup and it all works fine.

However, the new user will in be navigating from another page on the site, as they will just have joined, and I just want to check that by going to the referral word page in this way, the affiliate tracking will still be triggered? In other words, is it by simply landing on the referral word page that the tracking process begins?

I did also wonder whether the new user would have to enter a complete URL, or just the relevant section of the path, as in /my_affiliate_page instead of www.my_site/my_affiliate_page?


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Wednesday, November 02 2016, 12:31 PM - #Permalink

1. a user does NOT define the referral word himself. it is YOU, the admin, who can set this in their affiliate profile. They don't have the option to choose their referral word. This is reserved only for you to choose. in other words: they don't have to enter "/my_affiliate_page" or anything like that. it will be YOU entering this, optionally.

2. yes, by simply landing on the referral word page, the process begins. nothing else required.
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