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I installed Affiliate tracker, and now I am testing it. I see that he is more powerful than I expected, which is a joy!

I also have some doubts that I would like to solve.

  1. As you are a Spanish company, does the component have a language file in Spanish? I don't need the backend, but I'd like to have the frontend in Spanish so I don't have to translate it personally.
  2. The page to request a new membership does not appear to have any format. Is it because some CSS is not loading? Or has been left without style and I have to create the style myself? (see attached image)
  3. When creating a new user (or edit an existing one) the payment options "transfer", "paypal" and "stripe" appear on the frontend. But you can only fill in the data for the transfer, and not for Stripe or Paypal. Looks like it should have a tabbed view, os imilar, but its not rendering (see attached image)
  4. What is the use of creating more than one affiliate per user?
  5. I have created a menu for affiliate users, but I would like this menu to only be visible to those who have an active account. For this I have created a group for users and so the menu is only visible for that group. In the options of your components you can choose the group to which the affiliated users belong, but it is only useful when the created user is new. Is it possible to assign the user group (even existing users) at the time the affiliate account is created? Having to assign groups manually doesn't seem practical, and I don't see another option for the menu to only be visible to affiliates.
  6. What if a buyer clicks on an affiliate link from affiliate A, and then clicks on a different affiliate link from affiliate B. For which of the two affiliates is the commission?
  7. How can the user request the payment of their commissions?
  8. The conversions are made with virtuemart. How can I know which conversion corresponds to which order?
  9. In the backend, in the conversions view there is an "account" column and an "assigned to" column. What is the difference?

Ive sent this questions to your support email more than a week ago, without response. Hope to receive better support here.
Thanks for your attention
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    Tuesday, May 04 2021, 09:20 AM - #Permalink
    No support over email, no support on the forum...
    More than 2 weeks and still could not use the component
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    Tuesday, May 04 2021, 02:11 PM - #Permalink

    I'm sorry I missed this.

    1. yes, we do: although it may have some missing translations.

    2. the format is just basic form format (using Bootstrap classes). Can you share a screenshot to illustrate what you mean?

    3. yes, it's tabbed views (you should be able to click on them). Maybe in this case this is CSS related. can you share a link?

    4. one user may want to track different accounts (maybe they have more than 1 website where they want to use the link and see separately how much is every link reporting them)

    5. No, there's no automatic group assignation I'm afraid. as you say, this is only for "newly created users" within Affiliate Tracker. Otherwise you have to assign them manually

    6. only the first one will get the commission. The first link "clicked" always prevails - the second one is ignored.

    7. they can't, that's an option only for the admin (to send out the payments)

    8. Every conversion has a "external reference ID", which in the case of VM is used for the Order ID. (you can see this in the backend, by clicking on any conversion)

    9. "account" is the name of the affilate account (for example, "Jim's account"), "assigned to" is the actual user linked to that account (for example "Jim Doe".)
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