A few pre-sales questions regarding your affiliate tracker. We have a few requirements and are hoping your system will do what we need. Firstly we are running Joomla 3 and Membership Pro.

1. Can we configure how long to hold affiliate funds before paying them on a per product basis. For instance, if we sell two products, product A and product B, can your system be configured to hold commission payments on product A for 4 weeks, and product B for 12 weeks before the system pays it out to the affiliate?

2. Does your system allow for the recurring payments to affiliates who sign users up for our recurring products? We sell services, and we charge a set fee per month for site access. We would like to be able to pay affiliates a % each month that account remains active.

3. does your system automate payouts to affiliates via paypal?

4. does your system integrate seamlessly with both Joomla 3 and Membership pro?

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    Tuesday, December 16 2014, 10:25 AM - #Permalink

    1. the payments to affiliates are MANUAL, meaning that you create them whenever you want, and you "execute" the payments. Affiliate Tracker won't pay anything automatically for you (but it will indicate you how much you owe the affiliate, of course)

    2. yes the conversions will be created for each recurrency

    3. nope.

    4. yes
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