Maybe I am confused but I tried the example 10 times with the same result.

Let say we have 395 account which we have to pay. The Manager starts to create payments for every account and one of our staff member can make the payments later! Quite easy, the "Create Payment" Button creates a Payment entry. He confirms the payment and goes ahead. The software forwarded the Manager always to the Payments. So he goes back to account and creates the next Payment and so on. After Account 163 he lose track for which account he created the payment and creates a second Payment for the same account! The button in Account "Create Payment" is still there as long the Payment has the status "Unpaid". So the Manager doubled 20 of 395 entries, With a minimum payout amount of 100Euros, Payments in value of 2.000Euro. The staff member has not doubt that the Payments are correct and transfers the Money. Now the 20 Affiliate Accounts are in minus with 100Euro each. We have to claim the money back from our Affiliates. I am not sure ho many sense this makes.

Maybe I am wrong, would be great.
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