I have some trouble with payplans conversions not being recorded during my tests. I have the payplans plugin enabled and set to create the conversion on invoice paid. The referral is recorded, the invoice is paid, but the conversion is not created.

I have searched past posts and found your advice (please confirm if still applicable/valid): If the users complete the registration at the same time as the checkout process, then an additional "USERS" plugin is needed.

Q1) Is this the correct plugin: plg_affiliatetracker_users_2.0.0_2.5
Q2) I am using the "quick" registration plugin in payplans, so the users complete the registration form, and on the NEXT screen they complete the checkout. Is this the case that is applicable to the above plugin?
Q3) If both the above are correct, and after i install this plugin, will i see the conversions for my past tests or will i have to re-do the tests to confirm?

If there is anything else i should have in mind (like the users plugin configuration etc) please let me know. Thank you for the information and your help.
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    Monday, June 27 2016, 09:43 AM - #Permalink
    q1. yes

    q2. it should be.. but maybe we're missing something.

    q3. you will have to re-do.
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