I wanted to ask about these:

a) I have downloaded the new version from the download section and tried to install it manually. It shows a successful installation message but then joomla asks for an update again. The extension itself reports the version as 1.0.3 (as before installation of the update) and requests an update too. I can see a link "marketing material" on the left (which i think is new) but if clicked it says that the database table does not exist. I have tried reinstalling multiple times on top of the previous installation, but nothing changes. The update via the joomla updater does NOT work, it shows an error that the update is invalid.

b) Regarding modifying the % commission for a SPECIFIC affiliate account, what happens to the future commissions of the existing associated leads? E.g. if the affiliate already has 5 leads (recurring subscriptions) and already got paid 20% commission, if i change the commission for this specific affiliate to 30%, then which of these cases is true: 1) the affiliate will start getting 30% for NEW recurring subscriptions only, and keep getting 20% for existing recurring subscriptions, or 2) the affiliate will get 30% of ANY future billing regardless of whether the billing is done to existing leads or new leads.

Thank you for the clarifications.
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    Wednesday, December 23 2015, 04:45 PM - #Permalink

    a) sorry about this, it's just an error in the version number. if you download and install again, it will tell you version 2.0.0 this time. sorry about that! that's what's causing the problem.

    b) case 2) it's true.
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