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We have not yet started with the affiliate tracker. We added one person who was interested, but they were never approved - so in theory would also not have their personalised tracking link. The logs are FULL of activity though -> a 100% abnormal amount that simply cannot be true. I'd expect maybe 5 referrals from this person per month, and we are at over 1000 referrals. Is this a bug? What's happening here?

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    Wednesday, November 15 2017, 07:51 AM - #Permalink

    this activity, is it assigned to that person's account?

    if this person has this link in a website that maybe "attacked" by bots, you could receive "fake" traffic.

    look at the REFERRER column. that is the website where the "click" comes from (if it's a click at all).

    the fact of the weird name (it's not a website) and that they are REPEATED means that this is not a browser (otherwise only the first log is tracked because the cookie prevents multiple logs from happening), so it indicates indeed that this is a bot accessing your website through that link.

    yes, it's "fake" activity generated by a bot, no doubt about this. But it's not affiliate tracker's fault (or yours), it's form that link.

    it's all coming from the same account? then just block that account...
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