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It would be super helpful if the "Logs" screen in affiliate tracker had a column to show the joomla username of the person who caused the log entry.

If i am correct, the log entries show whenever an affiliate to customer relationship is created. In other words when a customer signs up using an affiliate ID URL they become "attached" to that affiliate, yet the "Log" screen does not show the customer who became attached to that affiliate, it only shows the URL they were referred from.

A column should be added which shows the Joomla Username of that customer. This would be super helpful in tracking down errors.

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Saturday, March 04 2017, 08:37 AM - #Permalink
What you mean?
this column is already there.

no, that's not correct... the logs show entries for all logs, not just those that create relationships.

There's already a column for the username, it's called "user"
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