I tested everything and the issue doesnt go away unless I turn off the plugin.
Error 1054
Unknown column 'plan_name' in "field list"

How to reproduce the error:
1) https://onlinemusicguild.com/all-services.html?view=empayment&sid=40
2) enter coupon code: INSTAMUSICIAN4FREE
3) apply code
4) enter an email to register
5) press green button to check out for free

this is very nervewracking! we have wasted 7 days trying to fix this bug. Attempted everything. Tried with all the PHP versions, checking SQL, talked to Sergey from MintJoomla... this is unacceptable especially when we were operating for so long with this error happening! I am quite angry at the error because it showed unprofessionalism on our side to our customers. We need a fix ASAP!
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    Monday, April 16 2018, 01:11 PM - #Permalink

    please, send me access and I'll check the issue and fix it.
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