Eric Lin
Eric Lin
Joomla is the latest version,
I use Virtumart and Paypal.
I install the "Affiliate Tracker", VirtuMart and Payplan plugin.
I have two issue,
1. Referral word not work for me, I use the user name for Referral word, but when I try to use the url with Referral Word.
Example: I use referral word "test", and my url is "". it display "404 Not Found".
2. Assigned to wrong account.
Example: I have "" , "?atid=2" and "?atid=1", when I use "" and subscript a plan from Payplan, the backend always assigned the commission to "?atid=1".
Virtumart also have this issue.
I try uninstall it and delete the database table and install it again, but still no luck.
Please help, I need to completed the website at the end of this week.

Eric Lin
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    Tuesday, July 04 2017, 05:10 PM - #Permalink

    1. the referral word is user to point to a page that ALREADY exists. You need to make sure that you are pointing to an existing page.

    2. this is because PREVIOUSLY you have accessed the website using the atid=1 link.
    the FIRST visit always prevails. if you visit with ID=1 and then with ID=3, only the ID=1 will count.

    if you want to delete the logs to avoid this happening, you can do it on the Logs sections.
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    Tuesday, July 04 2017, 05:11 PM - #Permalink
    by the way, it's not about the database: the information is stored on the COOKIES on the browser. If you want to test "clean", clear the cookies of your browser (or even better: use an incognito window always for testing)
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