I'm using 2Checkout to receive payments on my website. In 2CO control panel there is a param:

Affiliate URL – Input the URL provided by your third party affiliate program. Example:$a_order&total=$a_total&product=$a_product&quantity=$a_quantity

Could you tell me, please, which URL format does Affiliate Program generate?
I'd like to input callback link to 2CO.
Of course, I do not mean pay offs from Affiliate Program to 2CO, the PayPal is enough. I just want to link your component of referral program to 2CO and need to know the structure of URL according 2CO requirements.

Look forward at your reply.
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    Friday, December 12 2014, 05:07 PM - #Permalink
    it does not work that way. The affiliate Tracker API does not work that way. it can only be called internally, not via URL (like in the example you show)
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