Group albums in box sets

With Music Collection is very easy to group various music items under a "parent" music item. It's what we call compilation or set. Music Collection allows to group different albums, even from different artists, under an album or box set, witch will mantain its features (name, artist, format, release date...) but will also display the albums on the collection that are part of that item.

For example, let's take a look at Freddie Mercury's Solo Collection Box Set, a deluxe package containing 12 discs and a booklet with all the material from his solo career, released on year 2000. This compilation includes some albums that were previously released as LP, and other discs released exclusively in this Box Set containig rarities and other unreleased material.

In Music Collection, all we have to do to classfify this set correctly is, in the administration area of the component, indicate the compilation to wich belongs the CDs included. So what we do is create first an Item called "The Solo Collection", by Freddie Mercury, and then create all the albums (Mr. Bad Guy, The Great Pretender... even the album Barcelona, also included in the set, wich we listed in our collection under a different artist, "Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé") and tell them that they're part of the compilation The Solo Collection. We don't need to tell The Solo Collection that is in fact a compilation of various albums, Music Collection detects it automaticly.

When we list the albums by Freddie Mercury, we'll see the item The Solo Collection and all the albums that belong to it listed below. Take a look:

Listing the albums by F.M. we'll see all the albums by the artist that are also part of The Solo Collection listed. If we don't want this to happen (and we want this albums that belong to a compilation listed only as part of the compilation, and not displayed separately as independent albums), all we have to do is indicate this onthe album at the administration area, activating the option "Show only as part of this set".

In out collection, we have decided to display the albums on The Solo Collection also as independent albums. Take a look by viewing the albums by Freddie Mercury.