Module positions in artist page

The Artist profile in Music Collection 2.1 has been highly improved.

New fields have been added to the artist (genre, city/country, website, years active), and the artist page has been re-designed.

Now, there are two columns. On the left, there's the artist picture, along with its profile. On the right, there's artist review (biography) and its albums or songs, plus comments. But the great improvement is that modules can now be rendered on the artist profile, just below the artist picture and data, on the left column. How?

A module position is loaded in here, called muscol_artist_stats. That gives you all the Joomla modules power inside the artist view. Any module you render in this position will be shown on artist page. As an example, it's a good place to show statistics and reports of this artist: How many profile views it has, what are the top albums of the week, the songs, show artist evolution... There's no limit, because there's no limit on the number of modules to show here! Showing statistics is our recommendation... but you can show ANY other Joomla module in here.

To CREATE this module position on your template (a must, if you want to use it), open your tempalteDetails.xml file, on your template directory. There, add a new module position, called muscol_artist_stats, and you'll be ready to go! like this: