1. Go to My Downloads to see your active subscriptions. Click on your active subscription and download all documents served with it.
  2. Remember that the package for Joomla 2.5 will work for Joomla 2.5 only, and the package for 3.x will work for Joomla 3.x only.
  3. Using your Joomla installer, install the file named (X.X.X stands for the version). This is the main component file for Invoice Manager.
  4. Install also install the System plugin, with filename (X.X.X stands for the version). This is the core system plugin and it mandatory for Invoice Manager to work properly.
  5. Go to your Components section and click on Invoices. Click on the Parameters button (on the top right corner) to adjust basic configuration information, such as default currency or Company name for invoices.
  6. Go to your menu manager and create a new item of type Invoices > Invoices to let your frontend users access their invoices.
  7. Customize your invoice template (or create new ones) on the Templates section of Invoices, on the administration area.
Installing the payment options (PayPal, Stripe, Offline...)
  1. Download the PayPal or Stripe or Offline payment plugin on My Downloads 
  2. Install it using the Joomla installer
  3. Go to plugin manager and open the Invoices - Payments - PayPal plugin (or whatever other plugin you use). Configure its details and enable it, and hit save.
Installing DomPDF library (for creating PDF for invoices)
  1. Download the file from My Downloads 
  2. Unzip the file. You should obtain a folder called /dompdf
  3. Copy that file into /components/com_invoices/helpers/ folder
  4. The resultant folder should be /components/com_invoices/helpers/dompdf/
  5. Make sure you are running PHP 5 or greater (otherwise DomDPF will not run)
  6. Make sure your PHP directive MAGIC QUOTES is set to OFF (otherwise DomPDF may encounter problems)
  7. Create a new folder in the root of your Joomla installation, and name it "pdfinvoices". This is necessary in order to be able to attach PDF invoices when you send email invoices.

Installing the automatic Recurring Invoices plugin

  1. Download the plugin "Recurring" from My Downloads 
  2. Install it using the Joomla installer
  3. Go to plugin manager and open the Invoices - Recurring plugin. Enable it, and hit save.

What next?

Are you done with the installation process? Then move on to our help article Getting Started