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Returning to the door on the third day, although my physical strength gradually recovered, my mood was very perturbed. Sure enough, the no-fake spell worked again. After two days of eating and drinking at my mother-in-law's home, I received a phone call from my master full of guilt. We really can't spare any manpower. The master said, "You know, when you take a vacation, the cases keep coming." "Where is this time?" I stretched. Anyway, the vacation is to enjoy a happy life at home, and it's a little uncomfortable not to go to the case. I've had four or five cases recently, and you guys in the department don't know what to do. Master said, "You are on vacation in Yuntai. Why don't you give Yuntai's case to you?" "When?" I said, "What case?" "I received the alarm this morning," said the master. "You will know the details when you go there. I guess the car of the Yuntai Criminal Police Detachment is already downstairs of your mother-in-law's house at this time." "You've already arranged it. How can I hear the tone of discussion?" I smiled and looked down from the balcony. A scene investigation vehicle was parked downstairs. Forensic Gao looked at the side of the vehicle. Has the DNA data of the case sent by Longdu been transmitted? I asked as soon as I got on the survey car. "It's coming," Gao said. "The DNA testing departments of our two places have recently intensified their efforts to find out the suspects." I nodded, thinking that more than half a month has passed, and there is still no news. It is estimated that the possibility of solving the case through the database is not very likely. It depends on whether the suspect's DNA can be compared. The scene was far away, and the car drove for more than half an hour to the bank of the Yangtze River. This is an abandoned farmland,interactive flat panel display, two years ago, because developers developed this land, so the government spent a lot of effort to demolish and rebuild it. However, the building was built on three floors, and the developers left because of financial problems. After two years of wind and rain, the abandoned construction site has become a shelter for homeless and mentally ill people. There is only one normal place in this abnormal land, that is,interactive boards for classrooms, a pump house next to the Yangtze River Dam. However, the murder happened in this pump house. The pump room was surrounded by a circle of blue asbestos tiles, and a small door opened on one side of the simple courtyard. Usually no one came here. After the murder, the pump room was separated by a warning belt. Police wearing blue investigation caps and white gloves were coming in and out of the scene. Outside the warning belt, a group of ragged vagrants were watching the scene of bustle, laughing and smoking, spitting on the ground, and some climbed over to pick up the cigarette butts that others did not want. Standing on the side of the car to change the survey equipment, I saw my elder brother Huang, who had not seen for a long time, rubbing his nose and coming out, squatting beside the old man guarding the pump room outside the courtyard, smart board for conference room ,4k smart board, saying something. Hello, Elder Martial Brother. I went over and said hello. Division Marshal Huang reached out his hand and shook it with me through the gloves, while the old man looked at me in horror. "Old man," I asked in as gentle a voice as I could, "what's going on inside?" "I really hanged myself this time." "The old man said in Yuntai dialect, which meant that he was frightened." Can you tell that piece of shit is a dead man? Division Marshal Huang has obviously seen the scene. "I thought it was a sack," the old man said. "I poked it with a bamboo pole, turned it over, and saw it. I didn't know it was a man's head." "Do you live here?" I stood on tiptoe to look into the small yard and found a simple house in the yard. "No," said the old man, "I usually come once a month. This is the place where cowards (dialect, fools) live. I live here and I'm afraid. "Can anyone go into your pump room?" I asked. Can't get in, "the old man said." The pump room is locked, but people can get in if they want to. When I used to live here, there were always cowards knocking at the door at night to ask for food. "The body was in a pool outside the house," said Division Marshal Huang, knowing that I did not know the situation at the scene, "not in the house." "Did you notice the situation in the pool when you came to the pump room before?" I asked. No, I don't usually go to see the pool.
"The old man said," This time it was because I suspected that the window glass at the back of the house was loose, so I went around to the pool at the back of the house to look at the window. And I saw the body in the pool. "When was the last time you looked at the pool?" I asked. "There is no rain this summer," said the old man. "There is no need to look at the pool.". Last time I saw it, it was September last year. It rained heavily at that time, so we should pay attention to it. "Is the scene channel open?" I didn't investigate why the old man looked at the pool. I turned around and asked Division Marshal Huang, "Did you find anything?" The so-called on-site access refers to the access from the unprotected area outside the site to the central site where the body is located. This requires trace examination technicians to survey the ground, draw places where trace evidence may exist, and then forensic doctors will enter the central scene without trampling on the drawn area to conduct preliminary examination of the body and the scene. Not yet, "Huang said." Depends on the situation, the body has been in the water for a long time, and the ground conditions outside the scene are very poor, so it is impossible to find any traces of material evidence. " "Has the body been preliminarily examined?" "No, we are afraid that there is trace evidence near the body, and we are transferring the pump to pump water." Division Marshal Huang said, "Drain the pond and look at the body." "It can't be pumped," the old man interjected. "There is a pipe under the pool that connects to the river. The pool was built to observe the water level of the river." "In that case," I said, "let's go in again." If you don't look carefully, you won't think that there will be a small pond behind the hut to observe the water level of the Yangtze River, let alone that there will be a corpse in the small pond of about three square meters made of cement. Before he got close to the pool, there was a putrid smell in his face. Perhaps because no one has taken care of it for a long time, the pool is overgrown with weeds and silt. At this time,smart boards for conference rooms, the water level is not high, only half of the pool. A black lump appeared in the middle of the pool, with thick mud on it. It's really hard to tell that it's a corpse without a bamboo pole.


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