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In the first few days, because of the company's numerous affairs, Shang Peng always went out early and returned late, so the two actually did not spend much time together, on the surface, it was peaceful. However, such peace is absolutely not in line with the original intention, no matter who it is. Sure enough, someone could not hold back and began to stir. That day, Shang Peng was dealing with official documents in the office as usual, only to see Bai Tezhu come in in a hurry. Report, report to the president, there is one thing I think I must first ask you what you mean- "Bai Zhixiu hesitated." What's the matter? "It's Zhi Wei." She's been asking me something these days. "What things?" "What the president hates." "Oh?" Shang Peng put down the document and frowned slightly. This woman is really trying to scare him away! Okay, he should give her a sense of accomplishment. So what did you say to her? "I told her I didn't know and she didn't believe it, so I observed it carefully and told her when I had the result." Shang Peng nodded with satisfaction. Now I'll tell you the result, and you can tell her. "Say.." Say what? "You tell her that I hate women who take the initiative to seduce me, but also the kind of coquettish,plastic pallet containers, desperate pestering, because it will make me feel like losing my masculinity.". Would you say that? "Uh-huh.". Yes, yes, but.. Why do you say that? Bai Zhixiu's curiosity was immediately forced back by a pair of cold eyes. It seems that some answers can not be revealed casually. That night, Shang Peng returned to the "rental office", and as soon as he entered the door, he immediately found something wrong. She was leaning against the door in a sexy tulle dressing gown,plastic pallet bins, winking and smiling at him. You Shang Peng was sure that Bai Zhixiu had passed on the word. David, are you back? Eyes squint, lips slightly open, and then dial the hair, out of the crisp chest. Look, I'll show you! Look at how this young lady is coquettish! "Uh-huh.". Are you still awake? His eyes were impolitely fixed on her shrugging chest. Thank you for your hard work, Miss Tang. Uh I can't sleep. I don't know what's going on, but I suddenly want to talk to someone tonight. Damn! Is he really watching? Doesn't he hate women showing off? The little hand hooked the knot of his collar and winked at him. "David, can you accompany me?" Pig head, this is called seduction, see? "But I.." I'm a little tired. Enduring the truest reaction is indeed a very tiring thing. Shang Peng swallowed saliva, thought he had all the situation, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic bulk containers, began to find some unexpected effects, appeared in his own body. Originally, he just wanted to get rid of her, but now he began to worry that he would really lose control and rush forward at the end of the game. Shang Peng withdrew his sight and went to his room. I I'm going to take a shower first. Cut you some slack, young lady. Oh, wait a minute. What's so urgent about taking a shower? Hey, hey! The effect is coming out! Zhi Wei sees the appearance that he is eager to dodge, can be said to be happy in the heart, rush forward to catch him immediately. Huan. Miss Tang- "Shang Peng tried to resist-to resist the rise of some consciousness of the body's senses." Didn't you call me Zhi Wei already? We're all living under the same roof. Why are we such outsiders? "Well, it's not a matter of seeing outsiders, it's just that I think." I'd better take a shower first. He really needs to take a shower, especially a hot part. No, I want you to chat with me first. Catch the look that he resists, Zhi Wei goes all out to play more vigorously. Just for a chat? Finally, Shang Peng uttered a voice similar to a sigh, saying in his heart: "The amnesty has passed, baby, and you will be responsible for the consequences." Uh What else do you want? She is really "clever" and easily extends the meaning of others. You're going to make me misunderstand that you want to. "What am I thinking?" As long as you hate everything I want to do! Zhi Wei sneers secretly. You're trying to seduce me. Bingo! That's it! Zhi Wei just didn't jump up on the spot and clapped her hands. It turns out that her acting is not bad! What if it's not a misunderstanding? Actually There's something wrong with me, um. I just like to take the initiative, which will give me a kind of pleasure of conquest.
That What you're feeling right now is.. She stared at him with longing eyes, expecting to see him leave with disgust on his face. Before responding to my feelings, I think I have to leave for a while. He suddenly turned around and walked out. Hey, why leave in such a hurry? Are you angry? Ha ha ha, Zhi Wei wants to shout long live! Long live victory! Why should I be angry? I'm not leaving either! Don't get too excited, miss. Eh? She looked up at him standing still. I'm just going to leave for a while, go shopping and come back. "Buy something?" Zhi Wei returned to God and chuckled. Still pretending? It's an excuse to get out! "I'm going to buy a condom." He suddenly smiled so brightly. What? Zhi Wei jumped up in an instant and was tongue-tied. Shang Peng had gone back and approached her step by step. Or are you prepared there? "Uh.." I, I didn't.. Zhi Wei began to retreat, until the body against the wall. I don't think I can use it. "No?"? If you prefer to come directly, I can make an exception for you. What is not an exception? Zhi Wei was surprised. Why is the plot out of shape all of a sudden? She was still in shock when he suddenly put his arm around her waist and whispered to her neck, "You asked me how I felt just now, but I haven't answered you yet." A coolness went straight to her spine, but the skin that was swept by his breath was hot and dry, and Zhi Wei, who was suffering from cold and heat, began to feel dizzy. Level one emergency! Zhi Wei could not imagine that she would be so unable to bear the feeling of approaching this man, she even felt herself trembling, her legs began to weaken. No, she must calm down, calm down! "Oh,plastic pallet manufacturer, my head." Play dead! Yes, she worships herself too much! "What happened to your head?" My head hurts. Oh, I can't stand it. I think I'll go back to my room and see if there's any painkillers. Let's slip away first.


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