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Since ancient times, we have paid attention to morality, righteousness, etiquette and law. The teacher is nameless, is the Chu family self-struggle, also difficult to defend the royal family lineal, what's more, just outside the surname? If the father continues to monopolize power, sooner or later he will fall into the infamy of a rebel and a thief. Father once also sighed, how difficult it is to retreat bravely in the torrent, which has been held up for a long time, and it is impossible to get away at all. She also advised his father to restrain his mind, the emperor grew up day by day, do not always put on the appearance of elders as before, when his face is not good-looking, but also easy to give people a handle. However, my father has been strong all his life, always arguing to make the emperor unable to come to Taiwan, provoking more and more enemies in the court! Now also calculate good, Nguyen out of power still have glory, as for Lin Xiao, such as the emperor used up, he also can not escape her palm! The emperor is increasingly mature, this is his land, why bother to put their own happiness and do not enjoy with him? Protect him, she will always be the empress Dowager, honor infinite, the Ruan family is also immortalized because of her. Is in the future consorts family book, the Nguyen clan is also a loyal minister will protect the work of Chu boundless, why not? Now everything in the harem is over, and she doesn't want to take care of what the emperor does any more. Now the emperor intends to depose the three ministers,Porcelain Marble Slabs, reorganize the cabinet, set up six chambers of the cabinet, and carry out new policies. The disadvantages of Sangong have a long history. Since the period of the late emperor, there has been this intention. However, at that time, there was often military trouble in the north and south, and there were hardships in the process of Quxia. If the late emperors want to rely on the power of their relatives, they must protect their interests. So it's been pressed and not moved! Today, Xuanping is prosperous, the south is called down, and the north is still peaceful. The late emperor spent his whole life laying the foundation for the emperor. When will the emperor wait if he doesn't enter at this time? Just a while ago,Marble Projects, because of their mother and son, she has been sitting idly by. An old minister and Ruan's remaining relatives, followed the late emperor for many years, how can the son move Lao Tzu's old outline? There were many disputes in the court, and the princes had their own plans. The emperor was steady but indecisive, and wanted to wait for an opportunity. Now the queen mother after this matter, has figured out. So on the fifth day of the fifth month, at the time of the Dragon Boat Festival banquet, he summoned an old minister to enter the palace to receive a gift. He was moved by the feelings of the late emperor, treated with the respect of the queen mother, managed with the people's livelihood in today's world, and passed through with the persistence of the brocade Dynasty. Moved by emotion, understood by reason, felt the first emperor's time in the court, several tears, all sighed. Not for small profits, only for the great benefit of the people's livelihood in China, the queen mother's words are emotional and reasonable, the old minister is all ashamed, even if the heart is still not angry. But respect the queen mother ceremony can not be lost, respect the queen mother is to respect the first emperor, Agate Slabs For Sale ,White Marble Slabs, they are the old minister of the first emperor, since when to serve the queen mother to keep the minister, so as to live up to the grace of the first emperor in front of the bed. ××××××××××××××× Add more today, plus the monthly pink ticket of 240. Served at 8:00 pm in the second watch. Hope you like it! (To be continued, if you want to know what happened, there are more chapters!) Volume IV Deep Conspiracy Huai Jiang Hai Xin Cheng Inviting the Stars and the Moon Chapter 010 How can I be willing to keep the country? At this time, Xi was sitting in the imperial study of the Qiyuan Palace. The Dragon Boat Festival Palace was very lively, and her heart was sick all the time. She didn't come out with the banquet in the Dragon Boat Festival Palace. Although the final solution to the dead end of Fei Xin made him extremely tired, and he was so sad that he almost didn't die, but the result was still appropriate. It is also this plan, let the queen mother thoroughly understand, when she entered the court, her interests and the royal family is inseparable! Fei heart and he both saw the weakness of the queen mother, that is, has been unable to let go of Ruan Danqing. He has also thought, to be carefully planned, to give the queen mother a rest assured, between the two will no longer have to be sad because of the past! Fei heart is because of Lin Xueqing's coercion, too late to get irrefutable evidence, simply plead guilty to fight quickly, while the queen mother is in a state of confusion to end the matter. Then he wants to take her game and protect her, so that the queen mother can see any meaning of "protect". But to slow down the matter, let the queen mother himself to see the crux of the matter. Now with the help of the queen mother, the old minister wavered. Lin Hsiao took advantage of the situation, regardless of their own life and death at the expense of the enemy and entangled pro-party repeatedly difficult. Yunxi now holds two close brothers, east of the North Sea, it is necessary to rely on Yunxi to protect themselves, naturally to have a blind date with him. The king of the east has three times to play, please resign fu. From the first day of the fifth month, the king of the North Sea began to carry out the new law of collecting fields in his fief, regardless of the old ministers! The method of collecting farmland is more reasonable than the system of storing wells in the period of Emperor Zhi, and it is more helpful to people's livelihood. The king of Beihai was willing to open up thousands of hectares of land in the north to help the court test the law.
If something is achieved, it will become the aspiration of the people, and then it will be useless to oppose it. King Donglin took the lead in resigning, and the capital city and the tiger riding camp were attached. With such a two-pronged approach, the stalemate is about to open. Yunxi knew that the combination of hardness and softness was the beginning of reason, and he had been using the policy of conciliation before. Move to the feeling, Chen of the interests, Xiao to reason, now the queen mother not to identity, condescend to the old minister. The face of the royal family has been given enough, if it is too old and rotten to be reasonable, it is necessary to carry out the strategy of wind and thunder. When the time comes to catch a code, under the bloody butcher's knife, take its liver and gallbladder! He has been on the throne for seventeen years, seventeen years! When he was young, he had never experienced the East Palace and had no time to cultivate his own party. Everything is under the pressure of fu dribs and drabs! He looked at all living beings with his eyes in his heart and endured many unbearable pains. Now, whoever stops him again will make him never turn over! In March, Yunxi had already asked Zuo Hanqing to transfer troops by reviewing Ruan Danqing's affairs, which was actually prepared for the new deal. The Empress Dowager was exhausted in the end, and there was no right or wrong in the political struggle. Cut open this matter to let the queen mother see clearly is also good, as the woman of the Ruan family, she has done everything that should be done. But now she is the queen mother of the brocade Dynasty, she is standing in the power center of the Chu clan! Although I am mentally and physically exhausted, I feel at ease. At the beginning, he did not want to investigate the matter carefully, not because he could not find someone to take the blame, but because he did not want to make the Ruan family too ugly. Fei Xin tied his life, splendor, wealth and fame to him. How could he not become a famous king through the ages and be admired by people through the ages? The party struggles to plot and kill, and the combination of kindness and threat breaks through the dead end. When he was in power, he would plot to unify the whole country in the north, so that the prosperity of the Jin Dynasty would reach its peak in his Xuanping I! The mountains are green and the springs are clear, and the idle clouds and wild cranes are naturally enviable, but he doesn't have this life. That being the case, will be in this Jinlao Chengxiang, for future generations to admire,Stone Honeycomb Panel, in the golden Que depend on each other and accompany each other through the ages! Chang Fu and Xiu Ling had already returned to the Hui Palace, and when he returned, the two had been transferred to him by the queen mother. Now the imperial concubine is dead. The two men went back naturally because of their previous sins.


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