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Descriptive Essay Writing Techniques | 2021 Useful Guide Writing Techniques

Professional writers use various techniques to write a persuasive, descriptive essay. It is not easy to create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind through words. It is a type of essay that asks the writer to explain something in detail i.e. object, emotion, place, person, etc. You need to be clever with words and sentences to make the reader feel connected with your essay.

The key to writing a great descriptive essay is to dig into the five senses i.e. taste, smell, hear, see, and touch, related to the theme of the essay. A good descriptive essay creates a vivid picture in the reader’s mind and makes them feel as they are watching, listening, or experiencing this thing in real life. If it feels like writing a good descriptive essay is difficult, you can hire someone and ask him to write my essay

However, here we have listed some smart techniques that professional writers use to draft a perfect descriptive essay. If you follow these techniques, you can easily write a good descriptive essay on your own.


The first and foremost thing that you need to learn about the descriptive essay is that it explicitly shows the reader what happened rather than telling them what happened. You need to involve all of the reader’s senses so that he can feel as he is actually experiencing it himself. Learning this skill is very important, not just for writing a descriptive essay but for other types of essays as well, because a good description is the backbone of each type of essay. Therefore, you need to learn how to smartly activate all the reader’s senses to get him to the event’s actual happening. If it feels like you can’t do this effectively on your own, you should get someone’s help. There is nothing wrong with asking essay writer not good at descriptive essay writing. 

Immerse the Senses

The other most important technique for writing a great descriptive essay is to learn to immerse the senses. When you plan to write a descriptive essay, brainstorm some effective words, impressive phrases that could be used to describe the particular theme of your essay under each of the five senses. The words and phrases play a vital role in creating an impact on the reader’s mind. Using creative words and phrases that intrigue the reader’s creativity will help you grab the reader’s attention.

Recreate the experience in your mind, along with the select creative words to convey it to your readers. You must have learned some literature tools like descriptive adjectives, personification, smilies, metaphors, etc., in your literature class. Use those literature tools to create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. There is no limit on how many concrete images, figurative language, and descriptive language you may use to describe the theme or topic of your essay. Therefore, use a variety of tropes to paint a picture with your vivid language and descriptive words. And if you need some help, we are always there for you. [domain] is a top-ranked essay writing service


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