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In the distance, the young God of the celestial gods suffered another shock, and a tripod he had sacrificed exploded, and he was covered with blood. At this point, all the sons of God, saints are in a panic, who would have thought that this would happen, they came with great momentum, but the result was hunted! "Er, er, er, hold your head and squat here. Surrender and don't kill!" The old donkey shouted. The undead have nearly twenty thousand troops fighting on the ground, encircling and suppressing those sons of God and saints, already hit some, killed some, captured some alive, and now the situation is more serious. Finally, some people can not bear, completely collapsed, cried out, said to surrender. When one person surrenders, there is a second. This kind of thing is contagious. As a result, in a moment, there are dozens of gods and saints who can't bear the pressure and shout loudly, willing to bow their heads and admit defeat. You The young God Huo looked up, the corners of his mouth were covered with blood foam, his eyes were shining, and his golden pupils were shining with dazzling light. When he saw this situation, he was naturally very angry. Because, he is the leader of this arrival, with this group of gods, saints cross-border, the result is that the situation has completely collapsed,tube fitting manufacturer, has long been out of his control, this is to defeat in the end ah! Time is not very long, already more than 70 sons of God, saints completely bowed their heads, expressed willingness to submit. Anyone who sees it already knows that the situation is over. Of course, there are also some people who fight fiercely, fight stubbornly to the end, and fight for life and death. Then help you! Big black ox road, with a rotten ship bombardment, black light surge, directly destroy a very powerful son of God, let him both form and spirit destroyed. Others felt cold and disheartened,stainless steel needle valve, and they knew that they had fallen today, and that they had fallen completely. At this time, more than a hundred sons of God and saints surrendered, one by one showing the color of shame, the situation has gone, they do not want to die, afraid of being killed. Ah The young God of the gods roared, his long golden hair dancing wildly, as if he were possessed, and he was extremely angry, and then a black light fell down, making him fly again, spurting blood. Whoosh! Just then, the scalper moved. He didn't want to listen to the big black bull any more. He didn't need to wait any longer. He wanted to fight with the young gods of the gods. I am eager for this battle to sharpen myself! This is the scalper's idea, the appearance is exquisite and beautiful, but now after the move, it is not weak at all. Boom! The scalper directly caught up with Luo Yi, who was hit by the black light and flew out, and began to punch and smash the past. Such a moment, all the people and horses opened their mouths wide, showing the face of shock, because, that small fist, 14 needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, issued a dazzling light, will be flying in the flying gods of the gods, flying very high, covered with blood. In the universe, everyone is talking. Ah "Shaoshen was flying and was hit by a beautiful child!" Earth, Kunlun. Chu Feng, the big black ox, the Siberian tiger, and the old donkey decided to be serious and began to speak to the stars! "Now, the pre-sale of the whole universe of God's Son and Saint has begun. If you have the intention, come quickly!" As soon as these words came out, the Kunlun Mountains were suddenly silent, not to mention the starry sky. Everyone was frightened. A large-scale activity of selling the sons and daughters of the gods was not far away? "Son of God, Saint, the whole universe is booked to begin, come on!" Chapter 557 turning the sky upside down. ? Many people were stunned. ! Everywhere in the universe, it was quiet for a while. For the whole universe to pre-sell the son of God and the saint, this activity.. Too overbearing! In the sea of stars, on one important life planet after another, many people are short of breath, some are angry, and some are excited and excited. Tranquility is broken, and all races in the starry sky are talking about it! "Don't tell me that more than 200 visual-level gods, saints, and even the young gods of the celestial gods, as well as the sixth-ranking beauty Qin Luoyin in the universe, will be auctioned off!" "Really insane ah, actually solemnly declared to the universe, to sell the son of God, saints on a large scale, I.." I have to obey these devils! A moment of silence for the gods, a moment of silence for the young God, if he is sold, it is unimaginable.
It would be an unprecedented scandal if such a thing happened to the'Top Ten ', which has been constant since ancient times. If the clan is angry, many stars will bleed, and there will be a big event that will destroy the planet! "Qin Xianzi can't be captured. She is the peerless Tianjiao in the top ten of the strong generation in the universe!" In the sea of stars, there was chaos, and the people of all nationalities were so noisy that they could not be quiet. The impact of this matter is very great. Earth, Kunlun. If you dare to attack me, you want to die! The God of God was angry, his hair was dishevelled, and he was covered with blood, but the golden light outside his body was a little dim, and his blood gas was insufficient! Because a black light from the undead warship hit him and pierced his chest, where a bright blood hole appeared, causing him to lose more than half of his heart and suffer fatal damage. The scalper frowned, and his beautiful little face showed the color of entanglement. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, "Kill!" "If you want to kill me, go and practice for another hundred years!" It has to be said that Luo Yi is extremely proud, even if he falls into this field, he is still extremely conceited. In his belief, he has no rivals and is invincible on this planet, enough to sweep all the natives. Even though his golden hair was wet, stained with blood, and his body lacked blood, his eyes were still like two golden lamps, shining coldly. Boom! He was like a meteorite, with a harsh flame, tearing the air layer, a big explosion, and killing the cattle with his fist. It has to be said that he is so fast that many people can't react. At the same time, the energy fluctuations he emits are so terrible that he is more powerful than all other gods and saints. In the rear, Chu Feng's pupils contracted slightly, because he felt that even if he was weak, he was a very powerful opponent and worried about the scalpers. The next moment, the scalper's snow-white fists vibrated regularly, bursting out with special fluctuations that only the spirit could feel. It's simulating a celestial wave, and it's using resonance! At this moment, Chu Feng is a little relieved,38 tube fitting, because the scalper performs the peerless resonance technique, which can be used to attack the strong with the weak, and is a treasure-level technique for fighting beyond the ranks.


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