I am using Joomla 3.2.1 and tried to install a plugin that helps to install Google Analytics tracking code into all pages.
The pluginis:
I downloaded the zip laocally, uploaded it ito Joomla via Extension Manager and the I received the following error message:

Fatal error: Class 'JParameter' not found in /usr/local/pem/vhosts/119625/webspace/siteapps/joomla-11333/htdocs/plugins/system/googleanalytics/googleanalytics.php on line 24

I cant access neither the admin site nor the website...

I tried to fin a solution on forums but did not succeed. Can you please help?
Thank you,
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    Tuesday, July 15 2014, 01:25 PM - #Permalink
    This has nothing to do with any of our extensions...
    • Eniko Kozak
      more than a month ago
      Sorry I thought that plugins are part of extensions...
    • Germinal Camps
      more than a month ago
      not part of any of our extensions... if you want us to look into this you would need to contact us through our Custom Coding Service.
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