You have mentioned there was a way to delete tracks from the playlist; however, I do not see the feature. Additionally, when a song is selected it loads the artwork into the playlist, which makes it difficult to quickly select a song (you have to scroll through them one by one).

#1 - Is there an easy way to delete tracks from the playlist? If I am unable to do it or see it, then I doubt that anyone visiting my site will be able to do it. It should be a simple process - like an (X) next to the track itself.

#2 - Can the album art be disabled from the playlist? I think it is unnecessary to have album art in the playlist to begin with. In that section, all that is important is the list itself.
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    Friday, July 29 2011, 04:59 PM - #Permalink

    #1 there IS an (X) next to the track itself...! (well, not an X, just the typical "delete" button). all you need to do is click on the playlist, on the frontend, being loged in as the user that created it. the delete options appear right there...
    but remember: this is not done through the module, but thorugh the PLAYLISTS view, which is a very recommended menu item you should have...!

    #2 yes it can. there's an option on Music Collection global parameters called "load images into playlist" I believe.. just turn it off!
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