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When I do a song search and I play the files in the list with the player (the green pointer) it plays the completely wrong track. If I go to the actual page itself the track plays fine. I check the search properties and everything is correct. It does this for all songs when I do a search which includes

I had some customization done where a few extra fields were added, and I'm not sure if this may be the cause but looks like it is.

I went through each search field, and it seems that the wrong files play only when I select one feature which was customized "age range."

Do you have any ideas why this would cause the files to play improperly?

Thank you!!
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    Wednesday, August 31 2011, 03:56 PM - #Permalink
    hello Shane,

    I have no idea... it works well with the component out of the box..!
    maybe the developer messed some code up with this age range...

    tell him to check the VIEW.FEED.PHP file, that generates the XML playlist that the player reads!

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