These well help to speedup my offers

1. Add a function within an Item page in Quotation or in Invoice to save the Item in the Template Items
2. Remove the Delete a Quotation or Invoice feature from Items page
3. Would be great if an item could be copied from a quotation or Invoice into another Quotation or Invoice, this would save us in typing.
4. Undo delete for items, quotation or invoices. Or have Delete (send to Bin) and Purge
5. Have a category to allow versioning, such as Archived and store a version for it. This allow to keep history of the reviewed Quotations, for example.
6. Field for a message to the client to be placed in the PDF, apart from Notes and Admin Notes (which already exist)
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    Friday, June 16 2017, 08:06 AM - #Permalink

    1- good idea.
    3- well that's what template items do, really...
    4- hmm.. well, "undo" would not be possible, in any case it should be the option to "send to bin"... we'll think about it.
    5- complicated, but good idea too.
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