There is 2 serious issues related to invoice status update.

1- status doesn't update to be Paid after performing real payment through paypal even it directed me back to the website.

2- status of the invoice doesn't change on frontend even I set it from admin as paid but it still appear in pending mode and Amount paid $0.00
I thought it was because of th cache but no it's from the component.
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    Wednesday, April 17 2019, 09:08 AM - #Permalink

    1. are you talking about PAYMENT status? or INVOICE status?
    Payment status should be updated to "paid". if you have the invoice status to be "automatically calculated", then it should show Paid.
    otherwise, if the invoice status is manually set to any other value, this value will prevail.
    can you check this?

    2. can you show me?
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