Page number on PDF invoice possible?

Hi there and best wishes from Germany!

I have just purchased Invoice Manager yesterday and basically I am very happy with this componant.

Very good work!!!

Although I am still a bit struggeling with the componant featurer which is problably because I have to make me more familar with all the features. Especially the PDF invoice took some time for me to get it work. I have found out that it is easier to amend the pdf one within the html coding instead of making changes directly within any editor.

Now I have come across some questions which I couldn't found out yet. Hope you are able to help me with that.

1. I will sometimes have to create a more pages invoice (more that 1 page). I would like to add the pagenumber within the top right boxes of the pdf invoice.

E.g.: Just below the line with {invoice_num} I would like to add another line with: Page 1 of 2 and of course on the next page there shouid appear Page 2 of 2 and so on. Is this in any was possible to add?

2. I would also like to add a line with a client number. Is this also possible?

Would be great if you could help me with my questions.

Have a good rest weekend.


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    Sunday, April 18 2021, 12:11 PM - #Permalink
    Just realised some spelling mistakes in my post, unfortunately I am unable to edit my post. Sorry for this.
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