I have 2 questions about IM (and Virtuemart).

First question is: in the IM options, email tab, I set "Attach PDF invoice in email" to Yes. Joomla root of the site contains /pdfinvoices folder with writing permissions..When I send an email to a customer using the envelope icon on backend, the customer does not receive a PDF file, but just an email containing the invoice. Where am I wrong?

Second question is: is it possible to update VM order state according to IM status of that invoice? Let's say I receive a customer order. Invoice is automatically created by IM. If I change invoice status to "paid" or "refunded" or any other value, shall/can VM update order status as well? I am going to send invoice to customer once he/she pays, so it's not clear to me whether I have first to change VM order status and then send invoice with IM, or if I can do both with just one click/procedure.

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    Thursday, March 17 2016, 12:00 PM - #Permalink

    1. I don't know... there must be something we're missing...

    2. no.. it doesn't work in that direction, it always works from VM to IM.
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