I just buyed right now the package "Expense Manager & Content Statistics" . I have the feeling something was wrong during the purchase step, because it looks that all plugins and components are Joomla 3 compatible only. Can you send me a link (or something) with Expense Manager & Content Statistics for Joomla 5 ? If it still not released, a link for Joomla 4 ?

If you want my purchase copy informations, you can write me at internet@yannanderson.com

Thank you in advance for your precious help.

Best Regards,

Yann Anderson
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    Sunday, January 21 2024, 04:02 PM - #Permalink

    apologies for the confusion, these two packages are not yet ready for J4. We are working on them but not yet released.

    If version J3 does not work for you, I can put your subscription on hold or refund.

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