issue on adding event on calendar

Hi, i noticed something weird by adding event on the calendar. If i add the event by click on "new event" button i found the form to add event in the correct way. Only i notice that "new event" is still in english but i translated the component in Italian, so why it happens? And how to translate this term?
But if i add the event by doing double click on the day of the calendar i show the form to add event but with the term "Titolo" (title) in the first field not in transparency (like in the first form) so user must delete this term before write one and in the 3 fields to repeat the event i found 0 unlike the first form where i see days, weeks, months.
Please notice also that the above 3 fields to repeat the event are enabled even if user didn't check "repeat" option.
Please see the screenshots.

Waiting for your replies.

Best regards
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