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I am using a mix of PayPlans for subscriptions and a PayPal payment button to take a one off payment for a setup fee. I have a couple of questions:

1. My PayPlans gives subscribers 3 months free before the payment starts, will affiliate tracker work in this situation and kick in when the payments start - adding the referral fee to their account?

2. The PayPal Pay Now button is on a special page for a single affiliate with their name: will affiliate tracker be able to track a payment from a paypal payment button on my page? Or do I need to add something on the PayPal end to pick this up? I can see a section called Customize advanced features (optional) and there is an option to enter some code - is this where i can add the affiliate's link tracking?

3. Do you know how people get around tracking subscribers from a webinar? The scenario is this:

a. we promote our webinar from our site and elsewhere which attracts attendees
b. our affiliates promote it too via their site or a link on social media

Is there any way we can track users who subscribe to our site after the webinar to the originating affiliate? maybe by adding the name 'johnsmith or something during the payment process?

Finally, is there any way to batch process multiple payouts to paypal in the backend or do we have to do it manually? It would be good to do this automatically with a cron job or something, setting them to go out on a specific day of the month.

Apologies for all the questions but trying to understand how this works so we get the best setup for us.

Kind regards

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