We are using Affiliate Tracker and the J2Store Tracking link.

A while ago we had one affiliate account which was getting random conversions tracked against it, even though they were not using their URL or codes yet.

We deleted their account and recreated it and this stopped the issue.

However, we have the same issue again - a new affiliate account has had 28 J2Store conversions linked to them, but they are not correct as this user has not been active in sharing their URL or code.

We are using the latest version of Affiliate Tracker and the J2Store app/plugin.

Are you able to help us work out how this is happening and prevent future issues?

Thanks for any help.

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    Friday, July 31 2020, 06:14 PM - #Permalink
    Hi, is this the official route for support? I had hoped for a reply by now, as this is causing my client significant problems.

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