I'm not sure I understand why this condition is enabled by default:
$query = " SELECT atid FROM #__affiliate_tracker_logs WHERE ip = '".$order->order_ip . "' ";

I'm talking about this file (from archive plg_affiliatetracker_hikashop_2.0.4_3.x.zip):

Thus, I want to manage this behavior by plugin option. I want to have an opportunity to disable or enable it.

Also, this behavior doesn't correspond with a "Last X days (default)" option in Affiliate Tracker extension settings. For example, I set 30 days, but the condition above doesn't pay attention to this parameter.

Can you rework this moment?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Ivan.
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    Thursday, May 10 2018, 01:44 PM - #Permalink

    this is to take into account the "guest" checkouts in HikaShop, which don't have a user_id attached to it, therefore the IP in the logs is looked at...
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