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We are developing a 5-tier affiliate program using the affiliatetracker program.

How to make sure that all commissions on purchases made by a nominee always fall to the same indicator?

User1 has joined as an affiliate user.

User2 has logged in as his nominee, has made a purchase and the user1 has received a commission.

1 year later user2 made another purchase and we want user1 to receive commission ...

Detail - user2 made the new purchase on another computer, in another city, another connection ...

We asked if the user will receive the commission of the second purchase, which was made 1 year later on another computer, another connection?

If it is possible, how to configure affiliatetracker?

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    Friday, May 12 2017, 09:13 AM - #Permalink
    it will assign the commission, as long as the LOG table has not been erased. so don't worry, it will do it automatically.
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    Friday, May 12 2017, 11:26 AM - #Permalink
    Hi Germinal.

    We have the system installed and do not reset the LOG table ...

    We generated a new sale from another computer and did not generate commission ...

    How can you help us?


    Temos o sistema instalado e não zeramos o LOG table...

    Geramos uma nova venda de um outro computador e não gerou comissão...

    Como podem nos ajudar?

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    Monday, May 15 2017, 09:47 AM - #Permalink
    can you check, in the LOG are, if this user is linked to an affiliate?
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