I'm using HikaShop with Affiliate Tracker.

There is no option to set the commission for the Invoice and the User as the documentation indicates. There is only one commission setting for the user account.

When I make sales, no commission are showing in the affiliate accounts.

How do I setup commissions for Sales?
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    Joan Vilà
    Joan Vilà
    Monday, June 06 2016, 08:07 AM - #Permalink
    Hello David,

    If you go to the Hikashop - Affiliate Tracker plugin configuration you should see a field called "Default commission type for the conversions" and "Default commission levels". There, you should be able to set the commission.

    However, you can override this value for each affiliate account from the administrator by editting an account.

    If you still have problems, you can send me access to the administrator and I will configure it for you the way you want.

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