Invoice Manager 1.2.0 released

Posted in Invoice Manager

We are happy to announce that today we release Invoice Manager 1.2.0 to our customers, with several interesting new features and improvements.

The new features you will find in this version are:

  • Improved items for invoices (you can include a per-item discount)
  • New global discount field per invoice
  • Improved UI built with Bootstrap for nicer and more comprehensive invoice creation
  • Improved Tax system: you can set your taxes to be calculated in 2 different ways. More info here.
  • Recurring invoices: you can now set invoices as "recurring" and the system will take care of the automatic creation process. More info here.
  • New contact form fields: city, state, country, zip code, VAT id
  • New "search contact when typing" when creating invoice (just hit enter and the contact will be loaded into the invoice). More info here.
  • CSV/Excel export added for Invoices and Payments lists. More info here.
  • New ordering option for items and payments on invoices: just drag and drop the items to re-order them.
  • Total per item and per invoice are calculated and shown to you right in the invoice form while you're creating it.
  • Include "pending payments" into the invoice template and email so the user can click on the "payment link" to pay right away.

Other minor updates:

  • Set your currency number format in global options (decimal point symbol, thousands symbol separator...)
  • Invoice Number format now accepts [num] (for invoice number), [yyyy], [mm] and [dd] for datetime inclusion in the invoice number.
  • Payment list is now color coded both in front and backend (green for PAID, orange for WITHIN PAYMENT TERM, red for PAST DUE DATE, gray for PENDING)
  • new field "Invoice due date" added to invoice form
  • new field "admin notes" added to invoice form