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Authorize.Net plugin released for Invoice Manager

Posted in Invoice Manager

We have released a new plugin for Invoice Manager that will allow you to get your invoices paid using Authorize.Net.

This plugin requires that you are running Invoice Manager 1.2.2 or newer to work properly.

Content Statistics for EasyDiscuss released!

Posted in Content Statistics

We are happy to announce the availability of a new extension that joins our Content Statistics family: EasyDiscuss!

With this add-on, you will be able to track statistics for your EasyDiscuss component, such as post views, new post entries, top categories, etc.

You will be able to know what users are discussing, what are the most trending topics, who is contributing more to the section, and more.

This plugin is available to all our Content Statistics subscribers!

To know more, read Statistics and Analytics for EasyDiscuss

Responsive graphics for Content Statistics

Posted in Content Statistics

We are happy to announce new versions of our graphic modules for Content Statistics (evolution in time, compare evolution in time and map) that now include the option to make the graphics reponsive, to they will fit perfectly on everybody's screen size, adapted to the device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) they are shown in.

The graphics are still produced with SVG using HTML5, and now they are also responsive, which means that they adapt to the screen size you're using, without you having to set a pre-set width for them.

Affiliate Tracker for Joomla released!

Posted in Affiliate Tracker

We are proud to announce a new extension for Joomla! that today joins the JoomlaThat! extension familily: Affiliate Tracker!

With this unique extension for Joomla, you will be able to deploy a complete Affiliate Marketing Program on your site. It includes all the features you'd expect in an affiliate program tool: track referrals from affiliate links, track sales, comission affiliates for the sales, pay them, monitorize all the affiliate incoming traffic in your site!

You can also use it as an advertising moniting tool: see how much traffic your own ads on external sites are generating, and how many of these visitors turn into customers! this way you will be able to see how profitable are your ads, and see if what you're paying for them is worth!

Affiliate Tracker offers many possibilites, and it integrates with widely used e-commerce and membership extensions for Joomla: VirtueMart, PayPlans, HikaShop, RedShop... 

You will be able to immediately start your affiliate program based on VirtueMart, PayPlans, HikaShop, RedShop, or even add your own affiliate tracking codes in your own extensions using our simple and unique API: Affiliate Tracker takes care of the rest!

Read more about Affiliate Tracker for Joomla!

Music Collection 2.4.1 released

Posted in Music Collection

This is a security release for Music Collection. All users of Music Collection 2.4.0 should upgrade.

Music Collection 2.4.0 released

Posted in Music Collection

We are glad to anounce the release of Music Collection's new version, 2.4.0.

This version comes with many great improvements, such as:

And other system improvements:

  • Re-build backend language system. Now the backend is fully translatable. If you're using Music Collection with your own language, be sure to update your language file to include all new additions.
  • Improved form intefaces for Joomla 3.x with Bootstrap
  • JomSocial integration has been taken out of the main Music Collection core code and written into a new installable plugin (for activity stream in JomSocial)

If you're upgrading from Music Collection 2.3.1, be sure to follow these steps

Content Statistics for Community Builder 1.4.1 released

Posted in Content Statistics

We have released a new version for our Community Builder plugin for Content Statistics, 1.4.1.

This version includes two new trackable actions for CB:

  • User login
  • User logout

Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x


New versions for Joomla 3.2

Posted in Content Statistics

If you're running the new Joomla 3.2, we have released upgraded versions of our Content Statistics modules and main System plugin that will make CS work perfectly with that Joomla version.

The new versions released and that are required if your installation is Joomla 3.2 are:

System plugin: 1.6.2

Rankings module: 1.3.2

Evolution in time module: 1.5.1

Compare evolution in time module: 1.5.1

Maps module: 1.6.2

Content Statistics for Zoo 1.4.4 released

Posted in Content Statistics

Minor release: Our plugin for Zoo has been updated. Latest version is now 1.4.4.

This update fixes a small bug that could cause the plugin to not record data on some Zoo installations.

Available for all our users in My Downloads area.

Expense Manager 1.1.2 available

Posted in Expense Manager

We have released a new version for Expense Manager, version 1.1.2.

This is a minor upgrade, which addresses the following issue:

  • Saving an expense could cause problems (not save) if the plugin "Recurring invoices" for Invoice Manager was installed on the site.

Therefore this is a recommended upgrade if you are running Invoice Manager at the same time in your website