Substitutive images and logos for artist or album names

This is one of my favourite Music Collection features. In the history of music (well, pop-rock music) there are albums wich name is not "text" or a plain string of characters, but an image or logo. For instance, if you're familiar to Led Zeppelin discography, you'll know that the fourth album by the band was actually untitled, and all you see in the sleeve of the album are four symbols (representing each of the four members of the band), that stand for the album name. This album has many nick names, such as "Led Zeppelin IV", after the band's previous three numbered albums, "Four Symbols", "The Fourth Album" or even "Zoso" (wich the first symbol appears to spell. If you want to know more, you should read Wikipedia's article on this album.

Anyway, the point here is that none of theese is the real name of the album. Led Zeppelin fans would like to be able to display the title's image (the four symbols) as the real title for this album. In Music Collection, you can do it.

All you have to do is specify a substitutive image for the album name in the backend form of the album, on the upload file field "image for album name". Doing this, the album name will be used as the alias name, but when viewing the album in the front view, users will see the image instead of the alias.

Choosing an image to replace album name

In the front-end, you'll see the image as the album real title (you can look at it at our demo):

Four Symbols logo in the frontend

Cool, huh? and that's not all you can do!

You can also define a image to replace the artist name. For instance: Those familiar to the discography by the artist Prince will know that between the years 1993 and 1997 (aprox), he actually changed his nickname to an unpronouncable symbol, and released some albums under that "name". If you got some albums by Prince (like I do ;) you'd like the albums published in the symbol era to be credited as that symbol, but you want to list them togheter with the rest of Prince's albums.

In MC, you can do such thing by defining an "Image for artist name" on the album form in the backend

Defining a replacement image for arstist name

In the frontend, we'll se that:

Chaos and Disorder artist image name

Take a look at Prince page and Chaos and Disorder albu.

Of course, you can choose the artist's logo to be displayed in the album view.

There's yet a final feature: You can define a replacement image for the arist name in the artist page (where you see all his albums or songs). This is useful when an artist has a characteristic logo for his name, such as Queen or The Beatles

In the artist form on the administrator area, all you have to do is to upload an image to the field "Image for artist name" (remember: in the artist form this time, not the album form!):

Defining an image for artist name


In the artist view of the frontend, you'll see this:

The Beatles logo in the frontend

or this

Queen logo in the frontend

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