How to install EasySocial integration

In order to install our Music Collection - EasySocial integration, you need two pre-requisits:

  • Music Collection 2.4.0 or newer has to be installed in the system
  • EasySocial must be installed in the sytem
  • You must be running Joomla 3.x or above

You will need to install two plugins, which you will find available in My Downloads area:

  • EasySocial - Music Collection ( - will allow to see activity in the EasySocial activity stream (wall)
  • EasySocial App - Music Collection ( - will let user's install Music Collection application in their profile

where "X.X.X" stands for he version, like 1.0.0.

Be sure to go to your plugin manager and enable the first plugin.

Also, go to EasySocial in the backend, and click Applications. There you must enable the user of Music Collection application.