How to integrate with VirtueMart

To integrate Invoice Manager and VirtueMart you need to be subscribed to our Extended package.

In this package, you will find 2 plugins that are used for the integration to work.

Please, proceed to download and install and enable these 2 plugins:

  • VirtueMart - Invoice Manager
  • Search items and Contacts - VirtueMart

Configure the VirtueMart plugin

This plugin is the core plugin for the integration, and it is responsible for creating invoices automatically when new orders are placed in VirtueMart. If you go to plugin manager in Joomla, you can set a few parameters for the plugin

  • Automatically publish new invoices: Set it to Yes if you want the new invoices that will be created to be automatically published.
  • Create invoices on order status: Select in which VirtueMart order statuses you want the plugin to create the new invoices. You can select multiple options.
  • Mark invoice as paid when payment method is: Select when you want the invoice payment to be set as "paid", depending on the payment method used on the VirtueMart order. For example, if you only want the invoices to be marked as paid when the payment method is PayPal, select this option in the parameter.

Use the VirtueMart search plugin

This plugin is used to import VirtueMart data into new invoices, when you are manually creating them. The data you can import is existing contact data from VirtueMart, and existing products from VirtueMart.

To use this plugin, simply install it and enable it. From that point on, if you use the search product function inside the Invoice form, you will get results from the VirtueMart products database:

If you search for contacts in the reciepient tab on the Invoice form, you will get contact results from VirtueMart: