Tracking methods

This article will show you which methods Affiliate Tracker supports to track the affiliate visitors.

The ways in which Affiliate Tracker work, are configurable for each user from the administrator area as shown in the image

  1. Affiliate link

    This is the default option. When an affiliate account is created, it gets a default affiliate link and you don't need to do anything to get it working. If the affiliate account is active, when a guest arrives to your webpage with that link, a log entry will be created in Affiliate Tracker and whenever it makes a purchase or an action that needs to be tracked, an Affiliate Tracker conversion will be created from the guest to the affiliate that owns the link.

  2. Affiliate link with referral word

    The default affiliate link can be customized for each affiliate in order to make it more beautiful or to make it point to a specific page inside your Joomla. We have a dedicated article explaining how the referras word works here: Referral word configuration

  3. Http referral

    In some cases, you may want to track if a guest is comming from a link placed in your affiliate webpage. By setting your affiliate website url in the Refer Url field of it's configuration, when a guest that is visiting your affiliate webpage clicks on a link that points to your website, a log entry will be created in Affiliate Tracker and the guest's actions will started to be tracked.

    Note that you only need to place your affiliate host url in there, not the specific url where the link to your website is placed. e.g. not