How to integrate with Hikashop

Enabling the integration between Affiliate Tracker and HikaShop is very easy, and it will allow you to start tracking HikaShop comissions for affiliates in Affiliate Tracker. Here's how:

  1. Go to My Downloads to see your active subscriptions. Click on your active subscription.
  2. Download the file (X.X.X stands for the version)
  3. Using your Joomla installer, install the file named (X.X.X stands for the version). This is the plugin file for integrating HikaShop with Affiliate Tracker.
  4. Go to plugin manager and open the Affiliate Tracker for HikaShop plugin. Configure its details and enable it, and hit save.

The plugin is installed and working. From this point on, every new order in HikaShop, from a client referrenced by an affiliate, will be tracked as a new conversion!