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It was a decision made by the green-robed boy after thinking about it all night, so he only hesitated a little and planned to kneel down and confess his guilt. It was only when he bent down slightly that Fusu, as if he had eyes behind his back, reached out directly and clamped his wrist accurately, insisting that he was not allowed to kneel. The green-robed boy raised his head in surprise, just in time to see his eldest son, who was only two years older than him, kneeling down straight in front of him. His knee hit the bluestone brick firmly and made a dull sound. His breath became a little short because of fear, but he still opened his mouth firmly. Father, it's all my son's fault, and it has nothing to do with others. Chapter 5 Purple Mussel His Royal Highness, who had always thought he was useless, tried to protect him, although he was so shocked that even his weak body was trembling. This scene, even many, many years later, is no longer a teenager, he often think of, will be absent for a long time. Perhaps the regret and guilt that are always entangled in the heart are also condensed from this moment. Since then, beyond redemption. No matter how clever the young Shangqing was, he could not calculate that he would fall into it because of this mistake and could no longer extricate himself. He just knew that all this was caused by his design, although he did not want to kill Zhao Ji's mind, but because he proposed to send Fang Tianyi, it is also an indisputable fact that Fusu was affected. It's just that why does this single-minded big childe want to admit his mistake? He is an outsider who takes over all the sins, which is much better than him, okay? The young minister had no time to think about it, so he knelt down directly behind Fusu and said slowly, "This is my choice, and it has nothing to do with the eldest son." "No!" Fu Su was so angry that he felt that his little attendant was really an elm head, so what if he chose it? Without his consent, how could this party be sent to the queen mother? It's all his responsibility anyway, so why take another person? What's more, it was his duty to protect his subordinates. Even if Fusu was not very old, he knew that as a wise master,brushless gear motor, it was impossible to shift the responsibility for everything to others. "Your Majesty," said the young minister with great calmness, "it is true that this is what the eldest son sent, but there is no poison on it." Fu Su also realized that he had just admitted his mistake because he was obviously frightened and confused. He quickly made up for it and said, "Father, I dare not plot against the Empress Dowager. Please ask Father to be wise." "Humph!" Qin Wang Zheng snorted coldly, but did not reprimand Fu Su's words. Fusu fell to the ground, sweating like a spring in the almost suffocating pressure. He did not know whether his father was angry and did not want to talk to him, or whether he was too sad to talk to him. Compared with the sudden drastic change of Fusu, the young Shangqing, who had already had a night of psychological preparation, was much calmer. He had already analyzed the feelings of the king of Qin for Zhao Ji, and it would be a lie to say that the king of Qin had no feelings for this mother. But if it is said that the feelings are deep, I am afraid it is even more deceptive. If true love between mother and son, Zhao Ji will not be confined in the Yong Palace, ten years have not been out once, the king of Qin has not seen her once. The mother-child relationship between the two, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ,12v High Torque Motor, I'm afraid, has long been mixed together with Zhao Ji, willing to give birth to children for each other, but also for the planning of the throne, was spent clean. And the king of Qin has not been established, I am afraid it is also because of the influence of Zhao Ji, extremely distrustful of women, even in addition to reproduction, the king of Qin is rarely set foot in the harem. I'm afraid the anger of the king of Qin at this time, more, is that someone touched his rights. He did not want Zhao Ji to die, but Zhao Ji was already dead, but also involved in the heir he had been trying to cultivate. There were letters and fragments of pottery everywhere on the ground, but the king of Qin had passed the initial stage of rage, and his reason should be more or less back. There is a most untenable flaw in this matter, the king of Qin should have thought clearly by now. That is, Fusu had no motive at all to kill Zhao Ji.
So the young minister raised his head to the king of Qin, who was sitting behind the case, and earnestly asked, "I have deep misgivings about this. Can I ask the queen mother to have a look at her body?" Needles can be heard in the warm pavilion, Fusu's suppressed panting sounds even more restless, young Shangqing forced himself to stare at the cold eyes of the King of Qin, never flinching. Perhaps after a long time, perhaps only after a moment, the king of Qin slowly stood up, walked down the steps, and turned behind the screen of the warm pavilion. Young Shangqing hurriedly stood up and saw Fusu, who was kneeling in front of him, getting up a little clumsily. He thought he had just knelt too hard, so he couldn't help reaching out to help him. When he stood up, he withdrew his hand demurely. Perhaps because of emotional agitation, Fusu stumbled forward, but he did not dare to delay and strode behind the screen. Because the city of Xianyang is only very hot in summer all the year round, so the warm pavilion is in addition to the summer, the place where the king of Qin, most of the year will be spent here. Sometimes the state affairs were too busy, and the king of Qin would rest in the warm pavilion, so in addition to the hall outside where he discussed with his ministers, there was a luxurious bedroom behind the screen. But today, on the soft couch of this bedroom hall, there lies a pale woman, who is the queen mother of Zhao Ji Qin who died suddenly in an accident. As soon as Fusu saw it, he couldn't help but stop. He grew up in the palace, and even the palace people who made mistakes in dealing with young Zhan would not stain his eyes in front of him. So after careful calculation, Fusu saw the corpse for the second time, except for the mother and concubine she had seen in her childhood memory. As soon as the young Shangqing bypassed the screen, he strode to the front of the soft couch. He is also polite, and did not touch each other, but separated by a distance of half a foot, carefully looked up. At this time, the eastern sky was already white, and many lamps and braziers were lit in the hall, but it still could not drive away the cold feeling that came out from the bottom of my heart. The delicate makeup on Zhao Ji's face was still there, but in such a bright hall,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, you could already see the wrinkles she was trying to hide, as well as the white hair on her temples. Of course, the most shocking thing was her pale face and the black blood that had already solidified on her lips.


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