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Of course, there will still be many special cases, as long as they reach the state of immortality, they will basically receive the minimum courtesy and respect, generally speaking, they will not charge any tolls and other things. Croatan star field is a star field at the edge of the universe. After the Red Cloud Forbidden Area, there is an endless unknown place of nothingness. According to the earth, it is a small corner in the deep mountains. Basically, few people go out or come in, so there is no special guard here at ordinary times. Both of them were guards of the Croatan race, and their realms were only six or seven stars. They had been here for more than two days, but no one had been seen at all, whether they were going out or entering. While they were chatting to pass the time, with the sound of an alarm, the picture reflected in the ship's monitor made them speechless for a long time. In the picture projected by the virtual monitor, a huge object slowly drives out of the cosmic tunnel, with seven colors of divine light flowing all over its body, and the immortal power of the gods with endless mysteries is flowing, which makes people unable to help but worship and feel awe. Poof! This is the Croatan star field, this kind of broken place is also guarded by people to collect tolls. "The control room of the seven-color Shenzhou is extremely spacious. One of the women with red eyes is sitting in front of the console,artificial coconut palm trees, with her slender and perfect legs crossed against it, holding her inhuman breasts in both hands and laughing coldly. Her lips are very attractive.". This enchanting woman is the elder sister of the seven sisters, "Red Lotus". She is a strong person at the peak of the ninth order of immortality. She is also a peerless figure in the eleventh rank of the Star River List. She is an evil figure in genius. She has a great reputation in the whole universe. It is one of the most promising figures in the future. No need to pay attention, I have sensed the location of the youngest, go straight there! There was a row of sofas in the hall of the control room. A beautiful woman holding a seven-color wooden stick slowly opened her eyes. The colorful divine light flashed away. Her appearance looked only about thirty. She was a gentle and beautiful mature woman. In fact, she did not know how many endless years she had spent. This person was Ziyan's grandmother and the seven-color emperor who deterred the world. For these characters, the appearance of aging or younger can be changed at will,large palm trees for sale, but this is meaningless, to see a person's real age is from the mark of the soul, the skin is not true. This small seven, wait to catch must want her to look good, before unexpectedly dare to play us! Sitting on the sofa, Huang Rong and Lu Yi were delighted, looking at each other, nodding and clamoring, and even the cold-faced blue rhyme nodded in agreement. Third Sister! Who is the man beside the little sister? A green-haired woman with a pair of green eyes asked curiously that she was the fifth sister of Ziyan, "Qingxuan", whose temperament was quiet and tranquil. It's a guy of unknown origin, and I didn't ask! Huang Rong replied, then paused and shouted, "This little seven is sinful!"! Run out not to say secretly, silk olive tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, still hook up a man unexpectedly now, it seems to have a good lesson! "Grandmother!"! "Seven younger sister's secret is covered by the matter, should have a relationship with that man!" Next to the seven-color emperor, an orange-haired woman frowned and asked. Her temperament was a little cold. She was Ziyan's second sister "Orange Ice". She was a strong person in the third rank of immortality. She ranked 807 on the Star River List. She was a famous cool beauty and was highly sought after by the younger generation. Ziyan seven sisters each ring fat swallow thin, are extremely beautiful women, and regardless of their aptitude or identity backing in the universe, the seven sisters fame can be comparable to the emperor, is the dream lover of countless men, but so far no one has captured one of them "Mmm!"! I can feel that there is an unknown force beside Ziyan covering the secret of heaven! The closer the distance, the more obvious the feeling of the seven-color emperor, and that mysterious breath, but let her have a familiar feeling, seems to be an old friend. "Just now that was!"! Is that the seven-color Shenzhou of the Adventure Alliance? After waiting for Ziyan's home to drive away for a long time, the two guards of the Croatan clan came to their senses from their shock and cried out in horror.
The seven-color divine light is the symbol of the adventure alliance, and the Shenzhou with the shining seven-color divine light is said to be the unique Taoist vessel of the seven-color emperor. The whole body is made of the seven-color sacred stone, which is absolutely known by everyone in the universe. Because of the existence of the virtual network, even small places in the countryside in the universe can get a lot of information, and there is a special virtual station to introduce Unicron, almost every practitioner will go to browse and admire it, so the two practitioners who only have six or seven stars can recognize the identity of the seven-color Shenzhou at a glance, but they are also frightened. I don't understand what this kind of existence is doing in such a small place? "Quick!"! Go and report. Seven color emperor control seven color Shenzhou king croatan domain of things, instantly spread throughout the whole domain of the forces mind, stirred up a monstrous wave, let all the forces are panic, fear and fear unceasingly this kind of existence, a word is enough to easily destroy the whole star domain, in the face of this kind of immortal emperor God power, countless people shivering, in a constant state of anxiety, Completely do not know what to do to deal with, because it has no effect and significance. What is the emperor? Immortal Emperor, the Emperor of Immortals! The king of gods, the king of gods! It is the emperor who dominates all living beings, and it is the existence above all things! As for the heavenly emperors, they are legends and myths, and there has been no trace of them in the universe for at least hundreds of millions of years. However, no one will forget or forget the majesty of the heavenly emperors. It just feels unreachable and dreamlike, because the heavenly emperor is an immortal existence, representing the highest law of the universe. Chapter 268 the "Emperor" of the seven-color Emperor. Chapter 268 the "Emperor" of the seven-color Emperor. "Have you returned, my emperor?" When the seven-color Shenzhou is like a moving castle suspended in the ak698 star, the seven-color emperor's divine consciousness envelops the whole ak698 star, and when she sees the people working in heaven, her eyes flash a faint color of pain, and when she notices the white clouds standing beside Ziyan, if the thunder falls in her heart,faux grass wall, after a loud noise, everything is silent, and the colorful divine light in her eyes flashes. The heart lake is boiling and excited.


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