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How and why to write cheat sheets: 4 surefire ways to pass the exam
The fun time between sessions flies by at great speed, and a large army of students is worried about passing the exams. Some memorize the most important aspects of the story on the last day, others limit themselves to hope, and some write hints. After all, this is the most correct decision, when there is no one to turn to, you are left alone with your knowledge and ignorance.

Why do you need cheat sheets?
A cheat sheet is a small piece of paper (in the old fashioned way) on which all lecture notes fit, and there are varieties depending on the subject. Girls write mathematical formulas on their nails in the form of patterns, boys try to use IT-technology. There are pens with embedded paper, disappearing ink. But this, oddly enough, is the last century.

But the most useful thing in this matter is not the presence of cunning genes inherited from parents, but the importance of compiling these same cheat sheets. It would be strange to hear from the teacher - "make up spurs, they will come in handy." All Vern on , only the process of writing them unwittingly carries instructive work "Repetition - the mother of learning." As soon as the student once again writes formulas, important notes, he memorizes those 5% of the material from which he needs to build on in order to accurately pass the session.

How do they help pass the session?
The spur , which lies somewhere in the sleeve, has an impact not only on the psyche, but also on the moral component. Not for nothing, before day X, the student repeated the material, wrote it down and calmly went to the session, being sure that he had refreshed his memory, updated the data and enlisted support. Whatever one may say, before the session you need to work on one or another subject in order to pass it well. Even if you don’t understand it or don’t want to understand it, doing your homework, for example, in accounting, even with a professional - you can remember something and it will come in handy when you find yourself face to face with a teacher ...

How do I write them?

Cribs have evolved as well as the world around them. There are several varieties that differ in the way they are compiled and the ability to use.

Soviet - a sheet of paper folded in an accordion. The most useful, as it improves the visual and muscle memory of the brain when you need to remember "just about" a forgotten moment. Until 2003-2006 they were popular too.
"Bomb" - a piece of paper with quick responses, like Google. Express test system, as they say. The difficulty is that you do not know what kind of question will come across on the exam and how capacious it is. But you can identify the most important moment, for example, from history.
Gadgets - if you also write, it will help. Photos are not always. But you can fit more options for answers, the main thing is to navigate them, and not get confused.
You can hide spurs in additional literature - a chart of accounts, manuals and training manuals that can remain on desks. The same pen or pencil case, the same report card or synopsis.

You need to write in small print with a thin pen. The cheat sheet should be readable even from a distance. It is advisable to tag important aspects such as dates, formulas or solutions. There should not be any superfluous information. For example, the statement of a scientist - that's all. Further, the student himself can develop a thought or theory; what does this or that fact mean and where is used. Write in your own words. It is especially easy to become when you have always worked on your homework for literature, which involves frequent writing of various works, where you need to reflect and express your point of view, developing a certain issue. But what if you ignored literature? It can always be tightened with a little effort and asking the experts for help

Many teachers check websites and sources, lecture notes, and it is quite easy to see the similarity, especially if several dozen students copy word for word. It is possible to fail the exam for this reason as well. The main thing is to use correctly and try to memorize indisputable facts - terms, laws, proofreadings that cannot be modified when writing answers.

Writing cheat sheets, of course, will help you on the exam, but it will not help you during debt collection. If you know that you have a lot of debts left, then Go Now for help from professional essay assistants who will help you with your debts, which you will not be allowed to take the exam with.

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