1. Administration backend is not working properly in demo , so I want to see that first
2. Is there any way to import data in Joomlathat component
3. Is it possible to pay custom amount in payment gateway ??
4. Can we do customize invoice as per our requirement ?
5. How is invoice generation happened in backend like on which basis ? Is it depend on any custom field ??
6. Can we add our customise payment gateway option if yes then can you please provide documentation or rules so We can used documentation while creating our payment gateway
7. If someone has done half payment. So that half payment will deduct from bill amount in backend or not. ?
8. If someone has done paid his /her bill , can user get receipt of paid bill ?
9. Can we add custom fields in Joomlathat component payment gateway ?
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    Thursday, November 11 2021, 06:11 AM - #Permalink
    We are waiting for your reply , Please reply on my enquiry asap . So We can buy this extension for our website.
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    Thursday, November 11 2021, 07:18 PM - #Permalink

    1. check again now.
    2. not directly.
    3. no, you pay the amount that the admin has defined in the invoice or payment
    4. yes
    5. you can check the backend demo now.
    6. sorry, we don't have documentation available at the moment.
    7. yes, you can create different payments for an invoice
    8. there is no "receipt", there is only the invoice
    9 no.
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    Wednesday, November 24 2021, 07:02 AM - #Permalink
    1. Can we get free trial of this component to assure that our requirement will fulfill via this component ? Also i have checked demo of invoice manager , But there are some section i dont have access during my demo experience
    2. Can we get payment gateway documentation so we can proceed to own custom payment gateway for our client ?
    3. We want indian rupees as currency, whether is it possible or not to accept payment from indian currency ?
    4. Can we import data / Generate Bill from database table of joomla that component ?
    5. how we can generate monthly bills automatically ? is there any way ?
    6. Is this component compatible with joomla 4 or not ?

    We will expect answers asap. So we can purchased tthis component at earlier stage
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