The task categories and their defined rates

In order to understand how the task categories work and how the tasks and projects prices are calculated, we have created this documentation article.

Task Categories

A task category is a task wrapper that says what is a task about no matter it's project. For example, a task category could be Design. This category can be applied to any task from different project and it will have the same monetary cost for the client.

When you create a task category, you can define it's name, description and price per hour. This will allow you to easily assign a task to this category and the task price will be automatically set. Moreover, when you create or edit a project, you can also set it's default task category. By doing this, when you create a task for that project, it will have it's category set according to it's project one. However, you can allways change it for each individual task.

Creating task categories

Setting the category of a task

In order to set the task category of a task, you need to create a task and then click it to open it's editable details. There, as shown in the image, you can set it's Category. By doing this, when you start working on this task, the project's price will be updated multiplicating each task elapsed time to it's task category price per hour.

However, if you don't want to let Paper Shape to calculate the price of the task, you can allways set a fixed price for a task. By doing it, no matters how much time you spend working on the task, it's price will allways be the one you have set in the Price field of the task.

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